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The Ultimate Coffee Mug

Ember Coffee Tumbler  –  Ember Technology

In a world where literally millions of coffee mugs and cups exist, only one stands alone as the benchmark of the coffee (or tea) experience. Introducing Ember, undoubtedly the world’s “smartest” cup of Joe you will ever enjoy.

Besides the obvious, with regards to types of coffee and water purity, what makes a hot drink most desirable is it’s temperature. Potentially dangerous and no fun when it’s too hot while undesirable when too cold…especially in the winter.  What makes the Ember drink tumbler so unique is the temperature dial feature built into the bottom of its design. Set the dial as high as 142f/57c degrees and enjoy your favorite hot drink for up to two hours at a precise set temperature. Time enough to make it to the office before refilling.  You can then use the recharger as your hot plate as it re-energizes for the next round.


Ember is the latest (and rarest) IoT technology in hot drink consumption. The smooth, sleek and slick black exterior design is void of any buttons or switches. Digital read-out is embedded in the side of the cup device. Coupled with its very own app tied to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Ember will notify you when your coffee reaches your exact drinking temperature. You can also set your desired temp on your smartphone in advance with three separate settings for different drink types. It even has the ability to cool down your drink with it’s patented ‘phase change cooling’ system from an average serving temp of 160f/71c degrees, down to your desired holding level.


The stainless steel inner construction with space-grade insulation and patented microprocessor technology affords a durable composition. Bluetooth integration allows the user to interface with smartphones and wearables to alert you when the device needs recharged or to monitor the tumbler’s exact temperature. You can even personalize your Ember mug. Your name appears on the ‘hidden-til-lit’ display each time you turn it on.  The 360 degree ‘push-to-open’ drink lip rim interface that brilliantly allows for drink flow from any side of the tumbler’s opening. At about 8 inches (200mm) tall, holding 12oz of liquid and about 17oz/475gr in heft, the Ember is a formal and professional drink device, not for the casual sipper.

The Ember is not cheap either, but quite practical for the serious coffee drinker. Retailing for about $160USD online and at a few select Starbuck outlets. It’s certain to be the hit around the office coffee maker or local barista. An amazing gift for the coffee snob in your life or CEO on your gift list who has everything.


*** A sample of this product was provided to our lab for testing and product placement photography in the creation of this article***