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SnapPower’s Out-of-Sight Night Light and Outlet

Every once in a while our staff is fortunate enough to come across a product that has us all asking the painful question, “…why didn’t I think of that”? Very rarely does it ever happen but this handy little device is one certainly of them. After reading this article, we are certain you will agree. If you are an electrician, be prepared to kick yourself.

Enter SnapPower™

Quite simply put, this cool little gadget replaces your existing electrical socket into a convenient and out-of-sight, night light. And you can still use it for powering any appliance like you did before. Nothing changes but the addition of a night light with a row of three tiny LED light bulbs at the bottom of the unit. You would never know it was a night light to look at it…until someone turns off the lights.

Safe and Secure

The SnapPower night light system is just as safe fixed as the outlet that it replaced. It is no more dangerous than any other .39 cent plastic outlet you would find at Home Depot. Almost every part of the SnapPower outlet is identical to your conventional wall power outlet. It installs just as easy as your previous outlet in the same amount of time. No exposed wires or parts connected to electricity that you might touch accidentally. In fact, it has no wires at all. The LED miniature set of lights is tucked into the outlet housing and emit no heat. If you still aren’t convinced, SnapPower has gone the extra mile by engineering a model that is entirely child-proof with SafeLight™, a closed design with zero threat to crawling babies. No fear of toddlers mistaking it for a toy or ever poking their tiny fingers into the socket holes. Too many night lights on the market have tempting

Because the SnapPower outlet is light-sensor activated, it only comes on when it gets dark adding additional security to your home when away from your house.


Space Saving Design

The sleek and clean design stays just as flush to the wall as any other outlet. It does nothing to impede upon the access of other cords when plugging into the device. Conventional night lights are often bulky and stick out from the wall getting in the way of vacuuming and other traffic.

Charging Station

SnapPower has also developed a design that includes a USB charging station. A bit more noticeable than the standard SnapPower unit but just as convenient. Power up your cell phone or other USB connected devices without the need for taking up lamp cord light socket space. Simply plug in as you would into your laptop USB outlet.

SnapPower's USB charging station
SnapPower’s USB charging station
SnapPower's SwitchLight unit
SnapPower™ SwitchLight™


Light Switches

Not to be outdone, SnapPower features an accompanying light switch design. In dark areas of your home (or office) where fumbling for a light switch is a hassle, SnapPower has thought of that too. As soon as the sun goes down or the lights go off, the sensors built into unit activates the LED lights to illuminate the location of the light switch for easy access. Those late night trips to the kitchen become a whole lot easier…and safer. For those dark closets, basements, and garages, a well-lit light switch leaves no question where to find it.

Annual Cost

One of the best features of all is the cost to use. At only 10 cents a year per unit, there is no need to worry about whether the device is using up unnecessary energy when out of town or on vacation. With no heat generated, there is no cause for alarm for electrical fires. All SnapPower devices are UL listed and ETL listed in the United States and Canada. On a rating of 1-10 on our “Scale of Brilliance“, the SnapPower products ranks a solid 10 for ingenuity, simplicity, and life-changing disruptive design. Have you kicked yourself yet?


SnapPower Outlet from the inside