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Mitte Water Purifier creates ‘Smartwater’ setting highest standard in water filtration

Mitte water purification systems

Today, perfect purified water is an elusive endeavor. In a polluted and growing world where fresh water is limited and comes at a premium, the search for quality water filtration has become more important than ever before. To make matters worse, more and more impurities are jeopardizing the quality of our water supplies. Pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, fertilizers, bacteria, microbes, pathogens, narcotics, heavy metals, chlorine, fluorides, detergents, microplastics and other contaminants are just some of the substances plaguing our fresh water supplies.

What’s even more alarming is the exponentially dangerous levels of synthetic estrogens being flushed into our sewage and water treatment facilities daily…since 1960 when the FDA initially approved Enovid, the first birth control pill. Most of these compounds are near impossible to eliminate unless extreme heat is implemented in the filtration process. Is there any wonder why so many illnesses like cancer, thyroid, diabetes, and other related ailments are on the rise every year?

Mitte home purification
Removed the chemicals while custom designing key elements for your body.

Why is clean fresh water so important?

Believe it or not, fresh water is a rare global commodity. It is a natural resource whose quantity and availability never increases. What will shock you is just how rare and limited water really is on Earth. Nearly 97% of the water on this planet is either too saline to drink (from oceans) or just plain undrinkable due to other factors. Then there is 2% of freshwater locked away in the polar ice caps that will likely never be used in our lifetime. That leaves about 1% of the remaining water supply for all the world to share for consumable needs, like, culinary, bathing, recreational, sewage and agricultural use, and more. In fact, the amount of water we use today is the same amount that was available when the Earth was formed. Unfortunately, much of today’s 1% is recycled in larger populated areas through sewage and water treatment plants. Only a small amount of fresh water is being drawn from natural resources that are pollutant free.

As global populations increase, this remaining 1%  becomes even more valuable as a resource like never before. Water is life itself. Without it, we cease to exist. With 99% of the planet’s water almost virtually untappable at any given time, it leaves very little to safely go around each day.

Mitte Purifier
Mitte purification system and technology

Be part of the water solution

Mitte, a German water treatment technology company, may very well have cracked the code to the next standard in water filtration and purification. Using a patented (EU Patent No. EP17154125) distillation/condensation process based on the principles of implementing two Peltier elements driving thermoelectric heat pumps, is able to attain a level of purification higher than any existing water filtering system on the market today.

The Mitte water purifier boasts an incredible 60X cleaner H2O than regular water filtration systems and 3X cleaner than reverse osmosis. What Makes the Mitte system so unique, is its ability to reintroduce custom designed mineral content back into your filtered water inspired by nature. In the natural scheme of water mineralization, water travels through the soil working its way into deep aquifers that retain trace minerals and electrolytes along the way. When the water is pumped out of these indigenous supply sources, the water is naturally enhanced. Mitte replicates this process in a tailor-made system adding essential minerals according to your needs. With the Mitte app, you can custom blend your water right from your smartphone.

With only 27% of the water bottles in the US being recycled each year and 17 million barrels of oil each year just to produce them, it only seems logical to consider personal home purification. An astounding 94% of most water supplies have traces of microplastics. We are literally being slowly poisoned by our water supply system with no end in sight. PET plastics in average water bottles are just as bad during degradation. They have been known to release endocrine disruptors in certain high-temperature conditions which can exceed EU standards. A majority of water contaminants can be eliminated with any one of Mitte’s water purification systems.

Mitte sets the standard for not only pure water but a smarter water. There are six different IndieGoGo pre-order packages to choose from. Pick the one that is right for your home purification needs. Go,to their IndieGoGo page for more details and pricing.