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MantelMount Pulls Down to Eye-Level

Television mounts came in all shapes and sizes but not all of them are engineered like MantelMount.

It’s a never ending problem. Over the fireplace eventually seems to win out as the most logical place for your flat screen TV. The only question is, will it be too high and will it be too hot near the fireplace? Maneuvering a flat screen TV has always been limited until now. Not only does the MantelMount design move side-to-side but due to some clever patented engineering, this mechanism has the hydraulic ability to pull forward, up and down to your exacting preference. The height adjustment feature is especially user-friendly for children allowing for better eye-level viewing. The piston counter-balance design allows ease of movement for anyone.

MantelMounts for easy TV adjustments

The system is easy to mount and even comes with a paintable cover that disguises the mounting bracket behind the TV making for a more esthetic look when the mount it adjusted away from the wall. Heat detecting handles are also included to let you know if the mount is too close to heat from a fireplace at 110 degrees. The MM700 series mount comes with speaker attachments for the newer horizontal sound bars.

With the lightweight alloy construction and quality assembly, you will likely pass this product down to the next generation to come. Visit their site for size and pricing to meet your needs.

MantelMount adjustable TV mounting system