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Karaoke Perfection

SingTrix Karaoke Party Bundle

If you have ever been afraid to hear your own voice or shuddered at the very thought of being coerced into singing karaoke?…fear no more. SingTrix voice enhancing technology has you covered…literally.

SingTrix, invented by the makers of Guitar Hero, makes even the worst singer sound like recording stars. Can’t carry a tune or hate the sound of your own voice? SingTRix acts like a crutch for any singer who is out of pitch or has very little singing experience giving studio quality sound to anyone, even if it’s your first time in front of a mic.

The SingTrix ‘Studio’ voice enhancer takes the best of million dollar sound studios and incorporates the technology into one simple device pre-programmed with over 300 amazing, professional vocal effects. With your smartphone, ipad, iphone, android or MP3 device, you can connect easily to most all Karaoke platforms. Even add a keyboard or guitar to the experience.

SingTrix bridges the gap between the amateur singer and the confidence needed to be a great Karaoke lounge lizard. Even if you can’t hold a tune, SingTrix does all the work by digitizing your voice to help you sound your best.  It brings even the sharpest and flattest notes into range with pitch-correction and “Auto-Tune” vocal technology used by the pros. Harmony integration and choir special effects adding reverb and audio delay are just a few of features offered by the SingTrix device.

SIngtrix is portable enough to travel with wherever power is available. Undoubtedly some of the most fun you will ever have with family and friends. Pick from hundreds of Karaoke songs on YouTube and other sites to add to your repertoire of hits. Add a second microphone (not included) for an extra level of fun.

Surprisingly priced just under $400 for the entire Party Bundle on Amazon, including high-quality 40 watt, 2.1 floor speaker (with subwoofer), microphone, boom stand and Studio voice digitizer/enhancer. A perfect device for small bars, clubs and cruise ships where people congregate to show off their singing talent and love audience participation on Karaoke Night. Once you experience the SingTrix Party Bundle technology first hand, you will be hooked for life. It truly is an instant party in a box!

*** A sample of this product was provided to our lab for testing and product placement photography in the creation of this article***