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EyeQue Vision Tracker uses MIT Technology for Self-Eye Testing

An award-winning Newark, California company is developing and marketing a new technology that will change the way we ‘look’ at, and learn about personal eye care testing.

The EyeQue Corporation uses patented, advanced MIT refractive technology bringing eye testing into the home and available to anyone wanting to maintain and keep track of their vision health. This self-administering vision testing device easily attaches to either iPhone or Android smartphones transforming it, along with the ‘myEyeQue™’ mobile application, into a state-of-the-art refractive testing machine. These patented algorithms are then hosted in real-time on the EyeQue Cloud™ generating a vision record of the user along with a set of Eyeglass Numbers™ in spherical, cylindrical, and axis parameters which can be used to order eyeglasses from your favorite optical outlet once approved. These are the same procedures used by your eye doctor when generating an eyeglass or contact prescription.

EyeQue device makes personal eye examination possible

Although the EyeQue™ is not intended take the place of an optometrist, it does educate and empower the user’s entire family to immediately discern vision needs before making an appointment, especially in many parts of the world where affordable eye care is a luxury and not an easy option. The EyeQue’s Miniscope™ is simple to use and is affixed to the screen of your smartphone allowing quick and easy access to affordable and accurate vision testing. The results of your test are quickly available via the myEyeQue™ mobile app. You can also view your personal statistics on EyeQue’s online dashboard to track your vision history that you may wish to later share with your vision care professional.

EyeQue Miniscope
EyeQue Miniscope device

Vision Health for Children

Vision can change multiple times over a lifespan. Know the vision changes in your children’s vision in advance with EyeQue’s advanced technology. Today’s vision demands are greater than ever before. Today we live in a world where children own their own smartphone at a younger age and computers at school are as common as a desk. Children are reading and watching more and more online content with the need for greater eye movement…especially with the insatiable existence of social media. This continual eye stress and strain can result in an increase in eye prescription fluctuation. The American Optometric Association cites that 80% of a child’s learning will be done visually. Even more shocking is that over 55% of most children under 18 will view some form of monitor or smartphone screen over two hours a day…every day. That number continues to climb each year as technology and devices find their way into our homes, schools and personal life.

 Data Storage

Your vision information is safely and securely stored in EyeQue Cloud™ for your reference and quick retrieval. View your most recent details and track your vision or your family member’s vision records over time. Your records are even securely anonymized and added to a vast store of vision records that contribute to optometry research and improved eye care for everyone.

The EyeQue Miniscope retails for $29 and backed by a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award and a SPIE Photonic West 2017 Prism Award for excellence in the biomedical instrumentation category.

EyeQue is currently available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with many additional countries added soon.

EyeQue™ MIniscope display
EyeQue™ display