Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table are a treasure trove of cooking techniques, classes, and tools for the burgeoning gourmand. You will learn everything from proper knife skills to unique cooking techniques and even proper butchering methods. They are reasonably priced until you realize the three to four figure purchases you’ll spend after each class to make sure you have all the proper equipment with which to practice your newly acquired skills. So how is it that an under $20 “As Seen on TV” gadget can so easily replace an expensive culinary knife set?

Well, simply, it can’t…but Clever Cutter can come close for those jobs where you don’t have time for proper knife techniques or the job is too small to haul everything out. The secret is really in the practical application of the Clever Cutter and the combination cutting board and cleaver design. Vegetables and other foods are held into place by the flattened lower part of the scissor mechanism. Much easier to handle and manipulate during smaller meal preparation. The Clever Cutter is quite literally a pair of scissors embedded in a cutting board.  Simply place the food you wish to chop using a scissor cutting motion. Simply chop your way to oblivion. You can easily make quick work of carrots, celery, green onions, and especially fresh herbs and spices like oregano, parsley, fennel, and basil. Sausage, cheese, and even bread slices with ease for those quick hors-d’oeuvres moments.

The Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife is small in size and yet sharp enough to chop, slice and dice most fruits and vegetables, but not quite strong enough to perform a proper fine chop on larger vegetables like yellow onions, potatoes or lemons, etc. It was engineered for smaller quick meals where a multitude of kitchen top appliances are not necessary. Perfect for college students who are limited on space or the apartment bound single chef with micro kitchen cooking area.

Unfortunately, like many products today that deter shoplifting, Clever Cutter comes in “frustration free packaging” which requires the Jaws-of-Life to open. It’s a bit odd shaped making organized storage in your kitchen drawer problematic for some. However, for the price and function, it’s a very practical kitchen tool and will save you a lot of prep time. Still a ‘must have’ in your kitchen gadget arsenal. Dishwasher safe and money back guaranteed to make your cooking experience easier.