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Aer Design – Business Carry-On Travel Bag Meets Briefcase

Checking your travel bag versus carrying it on is always the nagging question when flying…especially abroad. The deciding factor often leans between convenience, weight and how important the contents are in the event your bag doesn’t make it to its final destination. With TSA and baggage handler theft a constant threat, as well as potential damage eminent, arriving at your destination with all your business valuables is critical.

The business traveler travels more than ever before. Taking the pressure and worry off of the experience makes for a more enjoyable and productive trip. The AER Design carry-on travel bag does just that in combining the very best in overhead baggage with the organizational features of a briefcase. Granted, this may not be the best-suited gear for your dream vacation or big enough for that luxury cruise but it was never intended to be. If you are the serious, get-it-done, 1-3 nighter business CEO jet-setter that requires all the important accessories in one bag without all the fluff, then this one’s designed with you in mind.

Don’t let the low-key appearance fool you. After careful inspection, you will discover that this is not just any travel bag. Combining briefcase and suitcase into one convenient carry case wasn’t easy but Aer Design, LLC met the challenge. We put it to the test over a two week period through a multiple of travel conditions vetting for ease of access, durability, and security.

AER travel on the go

Zippered Pockets and More

Strategic zippered pockets are all in the right places for chargers, writing materials, personal travel essentials, etc. We particularly liked the quick and easy access at the top of the bag for cell phone and travel documents. It’s nice to be able to instantly stash your TSA PRE documents, cell phone, jewelry and even belt from one easy-to-access pocket after clearing the screening area. No more digging for those items on the way to the gate. The shoulder straps together with the flat stable design make it easy to secure your travel jacket or suit coat while passing through the X-ray machine. Aer Design Bags meet all international and domestic travel requirements for size and dimension so you will never have to worry about whether it gets denied at the gate as an overhead carry-on bag.

Optimal Packing Design

Unlike most back packs and other carry-on bags, the Aer Design bag opens up completely in clam-shell fashion allowing full access to the interior for optimal packing rather than stuffing like a duffle or satchel gear. Organization of all accessories provides room for more contents in a defined space while being equally and easily accessible. and yes, they even threw in an expandable water bottle compartment by popular demand.

Laptop Safety and Security

Extra padding and durability on the top sides and corners ensure that your computer stays suspended in transit, intact and in one piece by the time you meet your final destination. Front panel padding also helps resist the regular jostling during the trip while keeping contents dry and safe.

Shoe Storage

One nifty little compartment at the bottom of the bag is specifically designed for extra shoe storage. It is a waterproof compartment separate from your clothes and completely odor proof. It even doubles as a mini laundry hamper for underwear, socks, and other worn garments.

Handles Galore

Multiple handles on every side make it easy to maneuver and carry no matter the position. You carry it like a briefcase or over the shoulder like a back pack for those heavier packing trips where two hands are essential in carrying more than one bag or equipment. Their quality wear-resistant material and sturdy zipper design are built to last through for years to come. The backpack shoulder straps are adjustable and ergonomically engineered for comfort. Custom side compression straps convert the bag from bag to briefcase.

Priced for the demanding traveler at just over $200, this travel gear is a no nonsense addition to any business professional.