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Coros Omni – A Smarter Pro Cycling Helmet

Coros Omni Smart Helmet

There are safe bike helmets, stylish helmets, and just plain cool cycle helmets…and then there are very smart ones. A hot CES 2018 Indiegogo feature, the Coros Omni smart cycling helmet combines paramount safety components with performance and comfort. What really makes the Omni stand out is the brain power underneath it all. Coros develops the most multipurpose helmets in the world of cycling today with the serious rider in mind.

Smart and sleek, the Coros Omni smart helmet incorporates awareness and intelligent connectivity with a 100Hz—20KHz range next-gen bone conduction audio system into the side straps. Sound ingeniously travels via cheekbone transducer connection resonating through the skull to translate sound without impeding ear canals. This leaves the ears open and free to monitor the surrounding environment and traffic allowing safe communication capability while riding and communicating with other team riders.

Coros Omni Smart Cycle Helmets

The Omni is also equipped with the latest in silicon microphone technology providing improved wind-canceling and voice command calling capability. Speaking of smart, Coros throws in Bluetooth integration for both iOS and Android devices with an 8hour+ rechargeable lithium power unit that is so light, you’ll never even know its there. All these features allow valuable connectivity without compromising safety.

This aerodynamically optimized helmet sports an 18-vent design with a detachable visor to keep the noggin cool and the hair dry. An ergonomic rachet regulator knob on the back of the helmet ensures a snug and custom fit every time.

The polycarbonate shell senses tough fall shock thru a G-Sensor that instantly contacts any emergency contact of your choice when the helmet experiences severe impact. Both an SMS text message and exact GPS location of your incident is sent out immediately with a personalized call for help.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any geekier, Coros design team has installed sleek taillight LED safety illumination visible both day and night on rear-side areas of the helmet.

It also comes complete with an attachable handle-mount remote that also talks to your smartphone via the Coros app. The app provides ride details, routes, GPS data as well as voice navigation for handsfree peace of mind. GPS data share conveniently integrates with Strava and Map My Ride.


Coros Omni helmets are currently only being promoted through IndieGoGo at an introduction price of $129 but expected to retail in the $200+ price range. Coros features an excellent one year warranty against breakage in the event of an accident. They will replace it for free if you registered it upon purchase.