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Coros Omni – A Smarter Pro Cycling Helmet

Coros Omni Smart Helmet

There are safe bike helmets, stylish helmets, and just plain cool cycle helmets…and then there are very smart ones. A hot CES 2018 Indiegogo feature, the Coros Omni smart cycling helmet combines paramount safety components with performance and comfort. What really makes the Omni stand out is the brain power underneath it all. Coros develops the most multipurpose helmets in the world of cycling today with the serious rider in mind.

Smart and sleek, the Coros Omni smart helmet incorporates awareness and intelligent connectivity with a 100Hz—20KHz range next-gen bone conduction audio system into the side straps. Sound ingeniously travels via cheekbone transducer connection resonating through the skull to translate sound without impeding ear canals. This leaves the ears open and free to monitor the surrounding environment and traffic allowing safe communication capability while riding and communicating with other team riders.

Coros Omni Smart Cycle Helmets

The Omni is also equipped with the latest in silicon microphone technology providing improved wind-canceling and voice command calling capability. Speaking of smart, Coros throws in Bluetooth integration for both iOS and Android devices with an 8hour+ rechargeable lithium power unit that is so light, you’ll never even know its there. All these features allow valuable connectivity without compromising safety.

This aerodynamically optimized helmet sports an 18-vent design with a detachable visor to keep the noggin cool and the hair dry. An ergonomic rachet regulator knob on the back of the helmet ensures a snug and custom fit every time.

The polycarbonate shell senses tough fall shock thru a G-Sensor that instantly contacts any emergency contact of your choice when the helmet experiences severe impact. Both an SMS text message and exact GPS location of your incident is sent out immediately with a personalized call for help.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any geekier, Coros design team has installed sleek taillight LED safety illumination visible both day and night on rear-side areas of the helmet.

It also comes complete with an attachable handle-mount remote that also talks to your smartphone via the Coros app. The app provides ride details, routes, GPS data as well as voice navigation for handsfree peace of mind. GPS data share conveniently integrates with Strava and Map My Ride.


Coros Omni helmets are currently only being promoted through IndieGoGo at an introduction price of $129 but expected to retail in the $200+ price range. Coros features an excellent one year warranty against breakage in the event of an accident. They will replace it for free if you registered it upon purchase.

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KeyPort all-in-one modular key consolidator goes ‘James Bond’

keyport key organizer

Keys are a hassle, let’s face it. At best they provide a function and purpose. But lugging a pocket full of them and many of the other ancillary ‘pocket accessories’ (ink pen, pocket knife, flashlight, etc.) can be a cumbersome and complicated task. What’s even worse is losing them…yet again. What if there was a way to maximize the accessibility, as well as the functionality of all your keys and even many necessity items into one easy, organized tool?

Keyport Modular keychain
Keyport one piece EDC organizer

Keyport addresses all those needs…and then some. Literally, at the tip of your fingers, Keyport’s handheld key organizer systems encompasses everything you need into one easy smart-tech ‘keychain’. Regular keys can even be transformed into custom ‘ blades’ that can also come equipped with FOB chip function making them more compact than bulky traditional keys.

Speaking of misplacing your car keys, Keyport has thought of that as well with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) digital app key locator added to the collection. Keyport has teamed up with Trackr finder technology to embed a locator chip in the Keyport housing along with LED Module lighting to help spot your ket set from afar.

Keyport makes it possible to add supplemental gadgets to your arsenal as needed with both ‘Pivotal’ and ‘Slide’ models. Combine all your existing keys into the pivotal model or customize your blanks into one easy ‘slider’ module organizer formatting to your vehicle’s  FOB code.

Need a mini LED flashlight to the combo? Keyport has that too. Keys and other gadgets can be mixed and matched as needed depending on the situation. If you are taking a flight somewhere and want to avoid TSA harassment and confiscation, you can remove the mini pocketknife from your Keyport Pivot organizer in seconds and check it in your bag for re-attachment it later.

Keyport has many options to consider. Much like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids, Keyport pivot integrates the need for key organization into one practical consolidated package of all other EDC (Every Day Carry items) mini gadgets. Whether its an ink pen, USB thumb drive, MOCA Griffin tool or flashlight, Keyport brings it all into the palm of your hand.

Take your home, office and auto keys to a tekkie level with Keyport consolidation technology. Find out what accessories are right for you. Click here to find out more and what accessory combination is right for you.

keyport module key set
Keyport module design adds EDC and MOCA accessories as needed.
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SnapPower’s Out-of-Sight Night Light and Outlet

Every once in a while our staff is fortunate enough to come across a product that has us all asking the painful question, “…why didn’t I think of that”? Very rarely does it ever happen but this handy little device is one certainly of them. After reading this article, we are certain you will agree. If you are an electrician, be prepared to kick yourself.

Enter SnapPower™

Quite simply put, this cool little gadget replaces your existing electrical socket into a convenient and out-of-sight, night light. And you can still use it for powering any appliance like you did before. Nothing changes but the addition of a night light with a row of three tiny LED light bulbs at the bottom of the unit. You would never know it was a night light to look at it…until someone turns off the lights.

Safe and Secure

The SnapPower night light system is just as safe fixed as the outlet that it replaced. It is no more dangerous than any other .39 cent plastic outlet you would find at Home Depot. Almost every part of the SnapPower outlet is identical to your conventional wall power outlet. It installs just as easy as your previous outlet in the same amount of time. No exposed wires or parts connected to electricity that you might touch accidentally. In fact, it has no wires at all. The LED miniature set of lights is tucked into the outlet housing and emit no heat. If you still aren’t convinced, SnapPower has gone the extra mile by engineering a model that is entirely child-proof with SafeLight™, a closed design with zero threat to crawling babies. No fear of toddlers mistaking it for a toy or ever poking their tiny fingers into the socket holes. Too many night lights on the market have tempting

Because the SnapPower outlet is light-sensor activated, it only comes on when it gets dark adding additional security to your home when away from your house.


Space Saving Design

The sleek and clean design stays just as flush to the wall as any other outlet. It does nothing to impede upon the access of other cords when plugging into the device. Conventional night lights are often bulky and stick out from the wall getting in the way of vacuuming and other traffic.

Charging Station

SnapPower has also developed a design that includes a USB charging station. A bit more noticeable than the standard SnapPower unit but just as convenient. Power up your cell phone or other USB connected devices without the need for taking up lamp cord light socket space. Simply plug in as you would into your laptop USB outlet.

SnapPower's USB charging station
SnapPower’s USB charging station
SnapPower's SwitchLight unit
SnapPower™ SwitchLight™


Light Switches

Not to be outdone, SnapPower features an accompanying light switch design. In dark areas of your home (or office) where fumbling for a light switch is a hassle, SnapPower has thought of that too. As soon as the sun goes down or the lights go off, the sensors built into unit activates the LED lights to illuminate the location of the light switch for easy access. Those late night trips to the kitchen become a whole lot easier…and safer. For those dark closets, basements, and garages, a well-lit light switch leaves no question where to find it.

Annual Cost

One of the best features of all is the cost to use. At only 10 cents a year per unit, there is no need to worry about whether the device is using up unnecessary energy when out of town or on vacation. With no heat generated, there is no cause for alarm for electrical fires. All SnapPower devices are UL listed and ETL listed in the United States and Canada. On a rating of 1-10 on our “Scale of Brilliance“, the SnapPower products ranks a solid 10 for ingenuity, simplicity, and life-changing disruptive design. Have you kicked yourself yet?


SnapPower Outlet from the inside
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BACtrack Mobile turns your Smartphone into a breathalyzer

Drinking smarter in today’s world is wiser than you think. With law enforcement agencies always looking for ways to bust even the casual drinker. And for good reason. Knowing your limits in advance before a drunk driving situation means mitigating against jail time, job loss, thousands of dollars in legal fees, excruciating embarrassment and a record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. BACtrack Mobile is watching your back.

The problem with driving after a couple drinks, even when your blood alcohol content is within legal limits, is that any police entity will consider you guilty until proven innocent. Don’t ever be mistaken in thinking that you have a Constitutional right to being “innocent until proven guilty”. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s probably the biggest lie in the judicial system. Law enforcement capitalizes on most unsuspecting drivers regardless of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) by suspecting you are automatically over-the-limit in BAC. Police departments worldwide view drunk drivers with any BAC as a cash cow. They rake in literally millions in funds annually through legal fees and court costs alone from even the most benign drivers. It has become one of the most active profit centers of any law enforcement organization by keeping you stuck in the system. Which also validates the argument that alcohol abuse (and use) is a serious topic with serious consequences. Alcohol is a substance that claims the lives of 88,000 each year on average. Police departments bank on that statistic and go to great measures to maximize on it by trapping ‘drunk’ drivers during holidays and immediately after sporting/social events. Don’t get sucked into the system needlessly.

BACtrack Mobile takes the worry out of driving too soon after a party or event. The problem has always been that law enforcement has had full control over the BAC monitoring system…until now. Drivers have always been at the mercy of policemen at alcohol checkpoints defaulting to their BAC results without question not even knowing your rights. The advantage has always been on their side while always setting you up for failure. Not anymore.

What if you could know and monitor your blood alcohol content all evening long, knowing when to sober up to safe and legal levels before venturing out? BACtrack Mobile has thought that out in detail. Integrating your smartphone through an app that monitors your drinking activity during any event mitigates against any drunk driving situation. Within seconds your smartphone or Apple Watch will even alert you to levels potentially dangerous to driving or commuting. BACtrack Mobile’s award-winning technology connects via Bluetooth and allows the user to keep a pulse on alcohols levels knowing when to drink more water or sleeping it off responsibly. Gauge your BAC from the last several hours to the last few weeks. Keep track of the types of drinks you consume and where you had them last. Learn your personal drinking habits, how you metabolize alcohol and even estimate when your BAC will be back to acceptable alcohol levels.

BACtrack View remote monitoring system


Have a loved one that needs alcohol monitoring from afar? BACtrack View can test and monitor anyone away from home boasting the world’s first remote alcohol tracking system…anyone…anytime…anywhere.

For as low as a round of drinks (under $100), BACtrack Mobile can be yours taking the guess work out of potential DUI’sand an embarrassing night in jail. Order yours today and never venture out on the road without knowing ever again.

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Holding Cell smart phone cradle for beside storage and convenience

Holding Cell’ is a practical and nifty little device for holding your phone at your bedside, makes its debut at the Inventor’s Corner sponsored by the 2016 International Home and Housewares Show (IH+HS) in Chicago.

Securely tucked between mattress and box spring, the Holding Cell smartphone cradle puts your device within arm’s reach and easy eye view. Conceptualized out of necessity, the inventor had to think of a way to assist his bed-ridden wife who was suffering from a foot injury during her pregnancy. An idea and baby born together.

Holding Cell bedside device

Sure, you could say, “…why not just put your phone on the night stand?” And you would be correct, but most bedside tables are cluttered with clock, medication, Kleenex, lamp, drinks, etc. Not to mention the cords crisscrossing the surface. At first, the Holding Cell makes you do a double-take until you notice the eye-for-detail and well-thought-out ergonomics…engineered and designed by the inventor himself.

The device is held in place by the pressure between mattress and box spring toward the head of the bed where you can see it during the night or first thing in the morning while charging. Leaves the nightstand a bit less cluttered. The cords are kept tidy, secure and sequestered near or under the bed free from tangling. The holder folds down to display the face of the phone is at best angle to see incoming calls or text. The best way to describe it is its own mini smartphone fold down table. When not in use, the holder folds up nicely and cleanly against the side of the bed.

Besides the bedroom, the Holding Cell works well converts to a wall mount holder in the garage, office, kitchen, college dorm or RV. Anywhere you need a holder near an outlet where a surface may not be available.

Credit: Eric Blair
Smart Phone Holding Device

The Holding Cell is reasonably priced at the $20 mark and can be purchased online through their website. A great gift idea not just for anyone confined to a bed for long periods but for anyone who wants their phone close by in a place where you know it’s going to be every time.  Especially in the middle of the night when an important call comes in and you blindly fumble for your phone. Your cell is securely charging next to you just inches away in the same spot every time. Takes the worry out of finding it or where you put it last when it rings the 10th time missing an important call.

Winner of the Inventor’s Corner Innovation Award in Chicago, the Holding Cell is Made in the USA and constructed of durable clear plastic and safe materials.

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The Ultimate Coffee Mug

Ember Coffee Tumbler  –  Ember Technology

In a world where literally millions of coffee mugs and cups exist, only one stands alone as the benchmark of the coffee (or tea) experience. Introducing Ember, undoubtedly the world’s “smartest” cup of Joe you will ever enjoy.

Besides the obvious, with regards to types of coffee and water purity, what makes a hot drink most desirable is it’s temperature. Potentially dangerous and no fun when it’s too hot while undesirable when too cold…especially in the winter.  What makes the Ember drink tumbler so unique is the temperature dial feature built into the bottom of its design. Set the dial as high as 142f/57c degrees and enjoy your favorite hot drink for up to two hours at a precise set temperature. Time enough to make it to the office before refilling.  You can then use the recharger as your hot plate as it re-energizes for the next round.


Ember is the latest (and rarest) IoT technology in hot drink consumption. The smooth, sleek and slick black exterior design is void of any buttons or switches. Digital read-out is embedded in the side of the cup device. Coupled with its very own app tied to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Ember will notify you when your coffee reaches your exact drinking temperature. You can also set your desired temp on your smartphone in advance with three separate settings for different drink types. It even has the ability to cool down your drink with it’s patented ‘phase change cooling’ system from an average serving temp of 160f/71c degrees, down to your desired holding level.


The stainless steel inner construction with space-grade insulation and patented microprocessor technology affords a durable composition. Bluetooth integration allows the user to interface with smartphones and wearables to alert you when the device needs recharged or to monitor the tumbler’s exact temperature. You can even personalize your Ember mug. Your name appears on the ‘hidden-til-lit’ display each time you turn it on.  The 360 degree ‘push-to-open’ drink lip rim interface that brilliantly allows for drink flow from any side of the tumbler’s opening. At about 8 inches (200mm) tall, holding 12oz of liquid and about 17oz/475gr in heft, the Ember is a formal and professional drink device, not for the casual sipper.

The Ember is not cheap either, but quite practical for the serious coffee drinker. Retailing for about $160USD online and at a few select Starbuck outlets. It’s certain to be the hit around the office coffee maker or local barista. An amazing gift for the coffee snob in your life or CEO on your gift list who has everything.


*** A sample of this product was provided to our lab for testing and product placement photography in the creation of this article***
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Aervana – The Nirvana of wine aeration

Since the conception of fine wine, consumers have approached the process of aeration in a variety of ways. From decanting, open bottles (to breathe), or the simple swirl of the wrist. Aervana, a wine technology innovator, headquartered in Seattle, WA.,  has taken the art of aeration to a whole new level. Possibly the Holy Grail of all aerators on the market today.

The Conundrum

Both saint and culprit, oxygen has forever been the provider, as well as thief, of great tasting wines. Sort of a Ying and Yang aspect of what makes wine the liquid art that it is. Taming the technique of aeration has been all the buzz the last 5 years or so. Mastering it, however, is a whole different matter.

Oxygen is one of the key components to unlocking layers of notes in red wines. It promotes the bouquet while revealing vital layers within the wine’s varietal brought about by a combination of fermentation, racking and of course, aging. Without it, it is impossible to enjoy wine at its full potential. Too much and you may as well set it aside for cooking, at best. Aervana commands a perfect balance when introducing precise aeration into your favorite (or perhaps not so favorite) red wine selections. 

The average taste buds can actually sense oxygenated wine at just over 8ppm, (Ideally 6ppm) which proves just how sensitive our olfactory sensors really are. Over oxygenated wine is oxidized and therefore, rendered pretty much undrinkable. The adverse effects of allowing wine to breathe through decanting, swirling or the slow open bottle method at room temp (30+ minutes), is that you can’t undo the oxygenation process once it starts. Limiting the initial exposure to wine is crucial to wine preservation. The less you expose any amount of wine, the longer it’s going to last. Leaving it in the bottle with minimal contact to air will aid in wine salvation. Aervana limits air contact by acting as a replacement of the cork once opened and during aeration. Although the Aervana is not intended as a storage or stopper feature, it does limit wine’s exposure to open air. It doubles as an aeration and dispensing appliance with immediate results.

One other feature we discovered (although not official or backed by any scientific data. Simply an observation) is the dissipation of sulfides out of red wines through their thorough aeration process. A positive by-product of the Aervana aerator for those sensitive to sulfide additives imposed by the USDA.

Installation is quick, easy and deliberate. Never a need to wait for traditional breathing practices. Uncork your bottle, place the Aervana directly into the bottle and dispense…within seconds. Aerated wine served directly to your glass rendering even the youngest tannin wines quite palatable.

Aervana pairs nicely right next to your electric cork remover. It’s the first and only electric wine aerator on the market. Making its appearance for a second year at the 2016 International Housewares Show (IHHA), Aervana enjoys an IH+HS Innovation Award as a 2015 Finalist.

Patented in four countries and Europe, the Aervana is the brain child of master consumer product inventor, president, and wine enthusiast, Louis J. Christen, III. “It is my goal to transform and enhance the way you and your friends enjoy wine”, the inventor was quoted in explaining his love of wine and the total experience of wine enjoyment. 

An absolute must-have for any wine vineyard tasting room, wine bar or lounge where accurate and regulated amounts of wine serving are monitored and/or required by law.

Suggested retail runs about $99 from their website or The ultimate wine gift for any vino aficionado. Aervana is dedicated to making good wines even better.


***A media demo was provided and donated for use in testing this product, and writing this review***