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KeyPort all-in-one modular key consolidator goes ‘James Bond’

keyport key organizer

Keys are a hassle, let’s face it. At best they provide a function and purpose. But lugging a pocket full of them and many of the other ancillary ‘pocket accessories’ (ink pen, pocket knife, flashlight, etc.) can be a cumbersome and complicated task. What’s even worse is losing them…yet again. What if there was a way to maximize the accessibility, as well as the functionality of all your keys and even many necessity items into one easy, organized tool?

Keyport Modular keychain
Keyport one piece EDC organizer

Keyport addresses all those needs…and then some. Literally, at the tip of your fingers, Keyport’s handheld key organizer systems encompasses everything you need into one easy smart-tech ‘keychain’. Regular keys can even be transformed into custom ‘ blades’ that can also come equipped with FOB chip function making them more compact than bulky traditional keys.

Speaking of misplacing your car keys, Keyport has thought of that as well with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) digital app key locator added to the collection. Keyport has teamed up with Trackr finder technology to embed a locator chip in the Keyport housing along with LED Module lighting to help spot your ket set from afar.

Keyport makes it possible to add supplemental gadgets to your arsenal as needed with both ‘Pivotal’ and ‘Slide’ models. Combine all your existing keys into the pivotal model or customize your blanks into one easy ‘slider’ module organizer formatting to your vehicle’s  FOB code.

Need a mini LED flashlight to the combo? Keyport has that too. Keys and other gadgets can be mixed and matched as needed depending on the situation. If you are taking a flight somewhere and want to avoid TSA harassment and confiscation, you can remove the mini pocketknife from your Keyport Pivot organizer in seconds and check it in your bag for re-attachment it later.

Keyport has many options to consider. Much like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids, Keyport pivot integrates the need for key organization into one practical consolidated package of all other EDC (Every Day Carry items) mini gadgets. Whether its an ink pen, USB thumb drive, MOCA Griffin tool or flashlight, Keyport brings it all into the palm of your hand.

Take your home, office and auto keys to a tekkie level with Keyport consolidation technology. Find out what accessories are right for you. Click here to find out more and what accessory combination is right for you.

keyport module key set
Keyport module design adds EDC and MOCA accessories as needed.
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Xevo’s Artificial Intelligence Collaborates with Lexus

XEVOXevo, a world leader in automotive interactive technology, announced this week that Lexus will be collaborating with the AI giant on a number of promising initiatives.

Xero’s latest software platform, Journeyware, coupled with the Ensure App Suite 2.o System, will be featured in Lexus’ LC 500. Xevo’s latest technology coalesces driver with automobile to render an ultra-interactive driving experience like never before.

“We are thrilled to work with Lexus to enhance its luxury vehicles with connectivity systems of equal caliber,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “Seamless connectivity is a key competitive advantage for manufacturers today – it’s what consumers expect, and Lexus drivers will be able to more easily interact with their favorite mobile apps and services.”

The Enform App Suite 2.0 system is a multifaceted informational platform that connects every aspect of the driver’s interaction with the car. Utilizing maximum app connectivity via mobile devices ensures the ultimate entertainment experience while driving. Handsfree voice recognition activation powered by Voicebox, controls Enform App technology seamlessly accessing mobile apps like Pandora, sports, WAZE, weather, Yelp, local fuel prices, stock market information, movie tickets, OpenTable and more.

“Lexus is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to in-vehicle technology,” said Sandy Lobenstein, Vice President, of Connected Strategy and Product Planning for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Executive Vice President, Business Planning and Strategy for Toyota Connected. “Xevo’s powerful Journeyware car solutions are a perfect fit for Lexus because they ensure in-car connectivity is as robust and enjoyable to use as the vehicle are to drive.”

From social media to driver awareness, Xevo’s software was designed to be equally proactive as well as interactive. Anticipating driver safety is a key focus of Xevo’s technology designed to position Lexus as one of the safest vehicles on the road today. With both inward and outward cameras, Xevo’s AI sensors can detect obstacles in the road through V2V Cloud application, predict road conditions affected by obstacles or weather and even sense parking availability/proximity. Through constant facial recognition sensing inside the car, the technology monitors driver distraction nuances mitigating against potential safety concerns, like drowsiness, texting, eyes off the road, etc. Outside facing cameras can also maintain exterior activity with wide peripheral sensing even detecting Amber Alert vehicles when in the vicinity.

With Xevo’s intuitive technology shaping the luxury driving experience, Lexus will have no problem remaining a benchmark in elite auto ownership.


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The Future of Faraday

With a surprise appearance at the 2017 Long Beach Grand Prix, Faraday Future’s FF91 SUV-sedan crossover continues to make headlines (and turn heads). Faraday’s presence at the Grand Prix clearly signifies that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, despite financial rumors and minor setbacks. After an impressive yet shaky start last January in Las Vegas for their CES reveal, Faraday Future returns to Long Beach again this year singing on as a title sponsor for the Formula E circuit.

Credit: Eric Blair
FF91 debut at CES 2017

The sleek and stylish FF91 boasts an astounding 1050hp power plant through its patented FF Echelon Inverter straddled over an all-wheel-drive, rear wheel steering chassis. And if 0-60 in 2.39 seconds isn’t enough to get you excited (and your attention) then nothing will. Their proprietary 130 kWh battery configuration claims to be the highest density battery in the world of electric car technology (compliments of LG Chem). It provides an estimated 378 miles per charge (289 EPA), which a bit more distance than the Tesla Model S.

Faraday’s FFID ‘Arrival Interface’ system enabling facial recognition functionality even without smart phone application, allows for a totally keyless experience. Cameras mounted on B-pillars, as well as inside the vehicle match up individual accounts to passenger faces and their facial expressions intuitively anticipating the passenger’s needs adjusting cabin climate, pre-configured seating and music preferences.

The fully autonomous capability of the FF91 is centered around LIDAR technology (Light Detection And Ranging) measuring distance through a pulsed laser light. This retractable 3D LIDAR feature works in unison with 12 ultrasonic sensors, 10 high-definition cameras and 13 long/short range radars creating a 360 degree hyper-detailed image of its surroundings at all times. A system ultimately rejected by Elon Musk due to potential rain and snow challenges, yet embraced by Cadillac’s Super Cruise platform for their new CTS model. The Driverless Valet feature is designed to drop off passengers and then park itself in the nearest available public parking spot until needed. The car can be requested to return for pickup via a personal smartphone app command.

The electric seamless suicide door entry system is inviting as well as space age. The cabin is spacious and luxurious with NASA inspired zero-gravity seating that reclines in a number of supine positions. With the absence of a conventional engine under the hood, the FF91 has room to spare designed to endure long road trips with ease and comfort. Full ceiling panoramic Eclipse Mode offers a complete view of the sky better than any other vehicle on the market. Tap the glass and instantly it darkens for shade and privacy as needed. Side windows can also be adjusted with the slight touch of your finger.

Future Faraday ‘new species’ in car design guarantees a disruptive standard in the next generation of autonomous vehicles, but can they deliver on the hype? With a $5000 USD fully refundable deposit you can be the first to own one of the 300 special edition models slated to roll out sometime in 2018. As far as production price, it’s still anyone’s guess. Speculation and a few hints from Nick Sampson, SVP of R&D and engineering, suggests a price tag somewhere between $100k and $200k. A quick look at their website with its impressive interaction will convince you that they mean business. Having come this far since 2014, one can only surmise that Faraday has big plans for the future.