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BACtrack Mobile turns your Smartphone into a breathalyzer

Drinking smarter in today’s world is wiser than you think. With law enforcement agencies always looking for ways to bust even the casual drinker. And for good reason. Knowing your limits in advance before a drunk driving situation means mitigating against jail time, job loss, thousands of dollars in legal fees, excruciating embarrassment and a record that will haunt you for the rest of your life. BACtrack Mobile is watching your back.

The problem with driving after a couple drinks, even when your blood alcohol content is within legal limits, is that any police entity will consider you guilty until proven innocent. Don’t ever be mistaken in thinking that you have a Constitutional right to being “innocent until proven guilty”. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s probably the biggest lie in the judicial system. Law enforcement capitalizes on most unsuspecting drivers regardless of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) by suspecting you are automatically over-the-limit in BAC. Police departments worldwide view drunk drivers with any BAC as a cash cow. They rake in literally millions in funds annually through legal fees and court costs alone from even the most benign drivers. It has become one of the most active profit centers of any law enforcement organization by keeping you stuck in the system. Which also validates the argument that alcohol abuse (and use) is a serious topic with serious consequences. Alcohol is a substance that claims the lives of 88,000 each year on average. Police departments bank on that statistic and go to great measures to maximize on it by trapping ‘drunk’ drivers during holidays and immediately after sporting/social events. Don’t get sucked into the system needlessly.

BACtrack Mobile takes the worry out of driving too soon after a party or event. The problem has always been that law enforcement has had full control over the BAC monitoring system…until now. Drivers have always been at the mercy of policemen at alcohol checkpoints defaulting to their BAC results without question not even knowing your rights. The advantage has always been on their side while always setting you up for failure. Not anymore.

What if you could know and monitor your blood alcohol content all evening long, knowing when to sober up to safe and legal levels before venturing out? BACtrack Mobile has thought that out in detail. Integrating your smartphone through an app that monitors your drinking activity during any event mitigates against any drunk driving situation. Within seconds your smartphone or Apple Watch will even alert you to levels potentially dangerous to driving or commuting. BACtrack Mobile’s award-winning technology connects via Bluetooth and allows the user to keep a pulse on alcohols levels knowing when to drink more water or sleeping it off responsibly. Gauge your BAC from the last several hours to the last few weeks. Keep track of the types of drinks you consume and where you had them last. Learn your personal drinking habits, how you metabolize alcohol and even estimate when your BAC will be back to acceptable alcohol levels.

BACtrack View remote monitoring system


Have a loved one that needs alcohol monitoring from afar? BACtrack View can test and monitor anyone away from home boasting the world’s first remote alcohol tracking system…anyone…anytime…anywhere.

For as low as a round of drinks (under $100), BACtrack Mobile can be yours taking the guess work out of potential DUI’sand an embarrassing night in jail. Order yours today and never venture out on the road without knowing ever again.