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RHA Audio MA650 – Regal Sound Fit For Life

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it: I spend way too much time plugged in. Too much time on my phone, too much time on my iPad and way too much time on my PC. But, as someone who tests and evaluates technology, it’s understandable. Some technology makes my job tedious, like earbuds that not only don’t fit, they produce sound that is flat and tinny. Or headphones so hot and heavy they create their own climate zone in your ears.So, you can imagine my reluctance when invited by RHA Audio to test and evaluate the new MA650 Wireless Headphones. My track record with headphones is abysmal, after all, and, unfortunately, I expected no better.

Sweat proof neck bud design
Sweat-proof neck bud design

The first clue I had that the RHA MA 650 would be different came in the packaging. It was substantial, elegant and 100%. Frustration-free. The packaging made it clear that these were no ordinary earphones. These headphones come with 8 pairs, yes 8, dual density flange silicone ear tips to accommodate the perfect fit for a dynamic sound experience that exceeds all expectations in audiological ergonomics.

Your set includes a dual material 1.35m oxygen free USB-C Copper Cable for fast and reliable charging, a clothing clip, mesh carry bag and instructions that are clear and easy to follow. Award-winning RHA Audio appreciates the art of over-delivering when it comes to creating a superior audio experience.

The unit itself is elegant. For starters, it’s sweat-proof and lies comfortably on the back of your neck or can be tucked inconspicuously under a collar. It is so light and did I mention sweat proof? It’s easy to forget it is there. But the dynamic sound you hear coming from those tiny and comfortable earbuds will amaze you. RHA’s inverted trumpet bell design combines both sound chamber and sound pipe into a single housing concept.  The depth and complexity of the high-resolution sound with deep bass coming from the Aerophonic™ Custom Dynamic driver at 16-4000 Mhz will transport you to sound nirvana at a most reasonable price point.

The MA 650 is not your ordinary set of headphones. The Bluetooth technology pairs effortlessly and quickly with a long-lasting 12-hour minimum battery life that recharges lightning fast with a pleasant voice that alerts you when your battery approaches 25% and 10% with a gentle chime to indicate it’s time to recharge. I found that even after 14 hours, the unit still had 20% life remaining. Charging took all of two hours through the charger cable (included) allowing me to continue use of it in the evening after a long day at work, before finally retiring to bed.

RHA Silicone ear tips
Eight sizes to choose from for an ergonomic fit

I’ve used the MA 650 to listen to my music on my phone, watch movies on my iPad, and to talk wirelessly on my iPhone all without loss of clarity or sound and because of the ear pad design, almost near noise cancelling attributes, a feature generally not available at three times the price points.

At weighing just over an ounce, RHA’s MA650 is without a doubt one of the most amazing wireless headphone sets on the market today. It works for all your audio needs and after heavy duty use for the last few months, it continues to work as beautifully as it did when it first arrived. The MA650 even prides itself on being engineered to withstand sweat and water exposure with an IPX4 rating. Suitable for hard workouts and outdoor activities.

This Glasgow, UK based company offers the MA650 units for about $100 bucks with free shipping to the USA, including a 3year warranty.

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Aera for Home – Are You Nose-Blind?

The worst part of going on vacation? Coming home to discover that you’ve become nose-blind to what you thought was your previously sweet smelling home. The best part of going on vacation? Coming home to discover that with the new Aera Home Fragrance Dispenser, your home always smells exactly as you wish it to; sweet, floral, flirty and even sensual.

If you’ve ever experienced the heavenly fragrances that high-end resorts often deliver, it’s only natural to want to recreate that same scent experience at home. Gone are the days of unsafe burning candles, ‘essential’ oils and over-spraying expensive air fresheners that leave your home smelling like the bathroom of a truck stop.

Why waste your time and money on cheap imitations when the ultimate in home fresheners is now available in a convenient and cost-effective home unit? Prolitec, the industry leader in providing the scent experiences of many exclusive resorts, including St. Regis, now brings directly to the consumer the very best in fragrance delivery technology.

From the moment you open the box, you instantly know this is not your mother’s air freshener. From its posh packaging and convenient application to its sleek design, Aera prepares you with its otherworldly scent experience which has yet to be duplicated. It’s discreet size and eight available fragrance blends make it elegant enough for special gift-giving. Choose between eight different scents like Curiosity, Mosaic, Odyssey, Indio, Vibrance, Moondance, Poetry and Zephyr, with even more fragrance choices on the way for the Holidays. Having trouble deciding what scent to use? Simply visit their website and take a simple 5-question quiz and voila! Aera recommends the perfect scent for you. Thanks to some smart and efficient styling, you can easily swap out fragrance cartridges to match your mood without co-mingling scents.

 Each room of your home can be managed and maintained precisely to your fragrance needs and mood. Aera-for-Home comes with its very own smartphone app allowing you to control your fragrance experience from anywhere. This IoT intuitive connectivity makes Aera the next generation in fragrance architecture. Need your home to smell fresh before you get to the front door? Aera technology even allows you to schedule a time when you need it to work for you as well as the level of scent needed with uniform scent distribution for any room size.

 Say good-bye to wick smoke, open flames, heating wax and predictable air fresheners that only mask odors. With Aera-for-Home, you control your scent experience from where ever you are, whatever your mood. Being “Nose Blind” is a thing of the past. Acquaint yourself with the incredible scenting experience you can only get with Aera-for-Home from Prolitec. Home scenting experience re-invented.

***A demonstration sample was provided for this review***