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Coros Omni – A Smarter Pro Cycling Helmet

Coros Omni Smart Helmet

There are safe bike helmets, stylish helmets, and just plain cool cycle helmets…and then there are very smart ones. A hot CES 2018 Indiegogo feature, the Coros Omni smart cycling helmet combines paramount safety components with performance and comfort. What really makes the Omni stand out is the brain power underneath it all. Coros develops the most multipurpose helmets in the world of cycling today with the serious rider in mind.

Smart and sleek, the Coros Omni smart helmet incorporates awareness and intelligent connectivity with a 100Hz—20KHz range next-gen bone conduction audio system into the side straps. Sound ingeniously travels via cheekbone transducer connection resonating through the skull to translate sound without impeding ear canals. This leaves the ears open and free to monitor the surrounding environment and traffic allowing safe communication capability while riding and communicating with other team riders.

Coros Omni Smart Cycle Helmets

The Omni is also equipped with the latest in silicon microphone technology providing improved wind-canceling and voice command calling capability. Speaking of smart, Coros throws in Bluetooth integration for both iOS and Android devices with an 8hour+ rechargeable lithium power unit that is so light, you’ll never even know its there. All these features allow valuable connectivity without compromising safety.

This aerodynamically optimized helmet sports an 18-vent design with a detachable visor to keep the noggin cool and the hair dry. An ergonomic rachet regulator knob on the back of the helmet ensures a snug and custom fit every time.

The polycarbonate shell senses tough fall shock thru a G-Sensor that instantly contacts any emergency contact of your choice when the helmet experiences severe impact. Both an SMS text message and exact GPS location of your incident is sent out immediately with a personalized call for help.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any geekier, Coros design team has installed sleek taillight LED safety illumination visible both day and night on rear-side areas of the helmet.

It also comes complete with an attachable handle-mount remote that also talks to your smartphone via the Coros app. The app provides ride details, routes, GPS data as well as voice navigation for handsfree peace of mind. GPS data share conveniently integrates with Strava and Map My Ride.


Coros Omni helmets are currently only being promoted through IndieGoGo at an introduction price of $129 but expected to retail in the $200+ price range. Coros features an excellent one year warranty against breakage in the event of an accident. They will replace it for free if you registered it upon purchase.

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Holy Grail of Hearing Aid Technology by ‘Eargo’

Eargo Hearing Device

Nearly 48 million people in America have some level of hearing loss. That’s about 1 in 8 of every American. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, by age 65 that ratio jumps to an astounding 1 in 3 people with hearing impairment. The sad reality is that only about 14% ever do anything about it, reports Dr. Frank Lin, assistant professor of otolaryngology and epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University.

So why is there such a wide disparity between users of hearing enhancement and those that need to? Why is it that the need for better vision has become so mainstream and widely accepted, yet hearing retains such a silent stigma?

Three of the primary reasons why people refuse to concede to the addition of hearing aid assistance is:

  • Fear of ridicule, rejection, and perception of incompetence
  • Cost – both the hearing aids themselves as well as battery replacement can be pricey
  • Denial – accepting is an admission of inferiority and disability

Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo, a Mountain View, California, future-forward tech think-trust, has taken hearing enhancement well beyond the next generation. Just when you thought hearing aids have gotten about as small as they get…think smaller. Forget everything you ever thought about what a hearing aid should usually look like. The Eargo hearing devices are in fact, so tiny, they literally hide deep and securely in your hearing canal beyond recognition. You will want to brag to your friends about just how small they really are, which oddly enough, defeats the whole reason why you got them in the first place.

Eargo Home Recharger

Besides being impossible to detect in the ear, they are also rechargeable. They stay charged for up to 16 hours, just about as long as most people stay awake. They come in their own recharging docking station that connects to any Mini USB cord. The savings from existing hearing aid batteries over several years almost pays for itself. The hassle alone of changing hearing aid batteries on a regular basis is enough to discourage many users. Just tuck them effortlessly into their convenient charging storage pack overnight and they will ready to go by the time you wake up.

The Eargo is currently only designed for the individual with mid to moderate hearing range, which is a majority of the hearing loss populous. Eargo hearing aids are designed with Flexi Fiber construction that does not plug up the ear canal like some devices. This allows the ear to breathe while permitting ambient bass tones to penetrate the hearing pathway. Mid to high range frequencies are amplified providing a natural tonality mix.

Eargo Tiny Hearing Aids
Eargo – Tiniest hearing aid available

Like most hearing aid products, Eargo is not covered by insurance or Medicare but are much more affordable than most fitted devices. They come with a 45-day money back guarantee, a 12-month warranty and free shipping. And at over $200 a year for most hearing aid batteries, Eargo may be your best viable hearing solution. Financing is available as well as, with up to 24-month plans to choose from.  Go to their website for ordering details.

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Mitte Water Purifier creates ‘Smartwater’ setting highest standard in water filtration

Mitte water purification systems

Today, perfect purified water is an elusive endeavor. In a polluted and growing world where fresh water is limited and comes at a premium, the search for quality water filtration has become more important than ever before. To make matters worse, more and more impurities are jeopardizing the quality of our water supplies. Pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, fertilizers, bacteria, microbes, pathogens, narcotics, heavy metals, chlorine, fluorides, detergents, microplastics and other contaminants are just some of the substances plaguing our fresh water supplies.

What’s even more alarming is the exponentially dangerous levels of synthetic estrogens being flushed into our sewage and water treatment facilities daily…since 1960 when the FDA initially approved Enovid, the first birth control pill. Most of these compounds are near impossible to eliminate unless extreme heat is implemented in the filtration process. Is there any wonder why so many illnesses like cancer, thyroid, diabetes, and other related ailments are on the rise every year?

Mitte home purification
Removed the chemicals while custom designing key elements for your body.

Why is clean fresh water so important?

Believe it or not, fresh water is a rare global commodity. It is a natural resource whose quantity and availability never increases. What will shock you is just how rare and limited water really is on Earth. Nearly 97% of the water on this planet is either too saline to drink (from oceans) or just plain undrinkable due to other factors. Then there is 2% of freshwater locked away in the polar ice caps that will likely never be used in our lifetime. That leaves about 1% of the remaining water supply for all the world to share for consumable needs, like, culinary, bathing, recreational, sewage and agricultural use, and more. In fact, the amount of water we use today is the same amount that was available when the Earth was formed. Unfortunately, much of today’s 1% is recycled in larger populated areas through sewage and water treatment plants. Only a small amount of fresh water is being drawn from natural resources that are pollutant free.

As global populations increase, this remaining 1%  becomes even more valuable as a resource like never before. Water is life itself. Without it, we cease to exist. With 99% of the planet’s water almost virtually untappable at any given time, it leaves very little to safely go around each day.

Mitte Purifier
Mitte purification system and technology

Be part of the water solution

Mitte, a German water treatment technology company, may very well have cracked the code to the next standard in water filtration and purification. Using a patented (EU Patent No. EP17154125) distillation/condensation process based on the principles of implementing two Peltier elements driving thermoelectric heat pumps, is able to attain a level of purification higher than any existing water filtering system on the market today.

The Mitte water purifier boasts an incredible 60X cleaner H2O than regular water filtration systems and 3X cleaner than reverse osmosis. What Makes the Mitte system so unique, is its ability to reintroduce custom designed mineral content back into your filtered water inspired by nature. In the natural scheme of water mineralization, water travels through the soil working its way into deep aquifers that retain trace minerals and electrolytes along the way. When the water is pumped out of these indigenous supply sources, the water is naturally enhanced. Mitte replicates this process in a tailor-made system adding essential minerals according to your needs. With the Mitte app, you can custom blend your water right from your smartphone.

With only 27% of the water bottles in the US being recycled each year and 17 million barrels of oil each year just to produce them, it only seems logical to consider personal home purification. An astounding 94% of most water supplies have traces of microplastics. We are literally being slowly poisoned by our water supply system with no end in sight. PET plastics in average water bottles are just as bad during degradation. They have been known to release endocrine disruptors in certain high-temperature conditions which can exceed EU standards. A majority of water contaminants can be eliminated with any one of Mitte’s water purification systems.

Mitte sets the standard for not only pure water but a smarter water. There are six different IndieGoGo pre-order packages to choose from. Pick the one that is right for your home purification needs. Go,to their IndieGoGo page for more details and pricing.


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KeyPort all-in-one modular key consolidator goes ‘James Bond’

keyport key organizer

Keys are a hassle, let’s face it. At best they provide a function and purpose. But lugging a pocket full of them and many of the other ancillary ‘pocket accessories’ (ink pen, pocket knife, flashlight, etc.) can be a cumbersome and complicated task. What’s even worse is losing them…yet again. What if there was a way to maximize the accessibility, as well as the functionality of all your keys and even many necessity items into one easy, organized tool?

Keyport Modular keychain
Keyport one piece EDC organizer

Keyport addresses all those needs…and then some. Literally, at the tip of your fingers, Keyport’s handheld key organizer systems encompasses everything you need into one easy smart-tech ‘keychain’. Regular keys can even be transformed into custom ‘ blades’ that can also come equipped with FOB chip function making them more compact than bulky traditional keys.

Speaking of misplacing your car keys, Keyport has thought of that as well with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) digital app key locator added to the collection. Keyport has teamed up with Trackr finder technology to embed a locator chip in the Keyport housing along with LED Module lighting to help spot your ket set from afar.

Keyport makes it possible to add supplemental gadgets to your arsenal as needed with both ‘Pivotal’ and ‘Slide’ models. Combine all your existing keys into the pivotal model or customize your blanks into one easy ‘slider’ module organizer formatting to your vehicle’s  FOB code.

Need a mini LED flashlight to the combo? Keyport has that too. Keys and other gadgets can be mixed and matched as needed depending on the situation. If you are taking a flight somewhere and want to avoid TSA harassment and confiscation, you can remove the mini pocketknife from your Keyport Pivot organizer in seconds and check it in your bag for re-attachment it later.

Keyport has many options to consider. Much like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids, Keyport pivot integrates the need for key organization into one practical consolidated package of all other EDC (Every Day Carry items) mini gadgets. Whether its an ink pen, USB thumb drive, MOCA Griffin tool or flashlight, Keyport brings it all into the palm of your hand.

Take your home, office and auto keys to a tekkie level with Keyport consolidation technology. Find out what accessories are right for you. Click here to find out more and what accessory combination is right for you.

keyport module key set
Keyport module design adds EDC and MOCA accessories as needed.
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Aer Design – Business Carry-On Travel Bag Meets Briefcase

Checking your travel bag versus carrying it on is always the nagging question when flying…especially abroad. The deciding factor often leans between convenience, weight and how important the contents are in the event your bag doesn’t make it to its final destination. With TSA and baggage handler theft a constant threat, as well as potential damage eminent, arriving at your destination with all your business valuables is critical.

The business traveler travels more than ever before. Taking the pressure and worry off of the experience makes for a more enjoyable and productive trip. The AER Design carry-on travel bag does just that in combining the very best in overhead baggage with the organizational features of a briefcase. Granted, this may not be the best-suited gear for your dream vacation or big enough for that luxury cruise but it was never intended to be. If you are the serious, get-it-done, 1-3 nighter business CEO jet-setter that requires all the important accessories in one bag without all the fluff, then this one’s designed with you in mind.

Don’t let the low-key appearance fool you. After careful inspection, you will discover that this is not just any travel bag. Combining briefcase and suitcase into one convenient carry case wasn’t easy but Aer Design, LLC met the challenge. We put it to the test over a two week period through a multiple of travel conditions vetting for ease of access, durability, and security.

AER travel on the go

Zippered Pockets and More

Strategic zippered pockets are all in the right places for chargers, writing materials, personal travel essentials, etc. We particularly liked the quick and easy access at the top of the bag for cell phone and travel documents. It’s nice to be able to instantly stash your TSA PRE documents, cell phone, jewelry and even belt from one easy-to-access pocket after clearing the screening area. No more digging for those items on the way to the gate. The shoulder straps together with the flat stable design make it easy to secure your travel jacket or suit coat while passing through the X-ray machine. Aer Design Bags meet all international and domestic travel requirements for size and dimension so you will never have to worry about whether it gets denied at the gate as an overhead carry-on bag.

Optimal Packing Design

Unlike most back packs and other carry-on bags, the Aer Design bag opens up completely in clam-shell fashion allowing full access to the interior for optimal packing rather than stuffing like a duffle or satchel gear. Organization of all accessories provides room for more contents in a defined space while being equally and easily accessible. and yes, they even threw in an expandable water bottle compartment by popular demand.

Laptop Safety and Security

Extra padding and durability on the top sides and corners ensure that your computer stays suspended in transit, intact and in one piece by the time you meet your final destination. Front panel padding also helps resist the regular jostling during the trip while keeping contents dry and safe.

Shoe Storage

One nifty little compartment at the bottom of the bag is specifically designed for extra shoe storage. It is a waterproof compartment separate from your clothes and completely odor proof. It even doubles as a mini laundry hamper for underwear, socks, and other worn garments.

Handles Galore

Multiple handles on every side make it easy to maneuver and carry no matter the position. You carry it like a briefcase or over the shoulder like a back pack for those heavier packing trips where two hands are essential in carrying more than one bag or equipment. Their quality wear-resistant material and sturdy zipper design are built to last through for years to come. The backpack shoulder straps are adjustable and ergonomically engineered for comfort. Custom side compression straps convert the bag from bag to briefcase.

Priced for the demanding traveler at just over $200, this travel gear is a no nonsense addition to any business professional.

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SnapPower’s Out-of-Sight Night Light and Outlet

Every once in a while our staff is fortunate enough to come across a product that has us all asking the painful question, “…why didn’t I think of that”? Very rarely does it ever happen but this handy little device is one certainly of them. After reading this article, we are certain you will agree. If you are an electrician, be prepared to kick yourself.

Enter SnapPower™

Quite simply put, this cool little gadget replaces your existing electrical socket into a convenient and out-of-sight, night light. And you can still use it for powering any appliance like you did before. Nothing changes but the addition of a night light with a row of three tiny LED light bulbs at the bottom of the unit. You would never know it was a night light to look at it…until someone turns off the lights.

Safe and Secure

The SnapPower night light system is just as safe fixed as the outlet that it replaced. It is no more dangerous than any other .39 cent plastic outlet you would find at Home Depot. Almost every part of the SnapPower outlet is identical to your conventional wall power outlet. It installs just as easy as your previous outlet in the same amount of time. No exposed wires or parts connected to electricity that you might touch accidentally. In fact, it has no wires at all. The LED miniature set of lights is tucked into the outlet housing and emit no heat. If you still aren’t convinced, SnapPower has gone the extra mile by engineering a model that is entirely child-proof with SafeLight™, a closed design with zero threat to crawling babies. No fear of toddlers mistaking it for a toy or ever poking their tiny fingers into the socket holes. Too many night lights on the market have tempting

Because the SnapPower outlet is light-sensor activated, it only comes on when it gets dark adding additional security to your home when away from your house.


Space Saving Design

The sleek and clean design stays just as flush to the wall as any other outlet. It does nothing to impede upon the access of other cords when plugging into the device. Conventional night lights are often bulky and stick out from the wall getting in the way of vacuuming and other traffic.

Charging Station

SnapPower has also developed a design that includes a USB charging station. A bit more noticeable than the standard SnapPower unit but just as convenient. Power up your cell phone or other USB connected devices without the need for taking up lamp cord light socket space. Simply plug in as you would into your laptop USB outlet.

SnapPower's USB charging station
SnapPower’s USB charging station
SnapPower's SwitchLight unit
SnapPower™ SwitchLight™


Light Switches

Not to be outdone, SnapPower features an accompanying light switch design. In dark areas of your home (or office) where fumbling for a light switch is a hassle, SnapPower has thought of that too. As soon as the sun goes down or the lights go off, the sensors built into unit activates the LED lights to illuminate the location of the light switch for easy access. Those late night trips to the kitchen become a whole lot easier…and safer. For those dark closets, basements, and garages, a well-lit light switch leaves no question where to find it.

Annual Cost

One of the best features of all is the cost to use. At only 10 cents a year per unit, there is no need to worry about whether the device is using up unnecessary energy when out of town or on vacation. With no heat generated, there is no cause for alarm for electrical fires. All SnapPower devices are UL listed and ETL listed in the United States and Canada. On a rating of 1-10 on our “Scale of Brilliance“, the SnapPower products ranks a solid 10 for ingenuity, simplicity, and life-changing disruptive design. Have you kicked yourself yet?


SnapPower Outlet from the inside
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TAP Hand Gesturing Features Mnemonic Learning System

Hand gesture recognition technology has been emerging for a number of years with a variety of applications. The TAP Strap™ introduces a new way of utilizing this process in the world of communications, music, and social media interaction.

The TAP Strap, developed by Tap Systems, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, integrates one-hand advanced sensing into a compact yet comfortable ‘strap’ that communicates via Bluetooth HID to your smartphone, smartTV’s, tablets, readers, computers, and other IOS or Android devices. With each tap on just about any tappable surface, the TAP Strap sends a character command in three-dimensional space through the device from whichever finger makes contact making even VR a more immersive and natural experience. Anything you touch now becomes your keyboard: your desk, armchair, window, book, even your arm, knee or head. As long as you can tap, you are typing.

Tap with us!
The Tap Strap at work

This disruptive technology is particularly important to those who cannot see conventional keyboards and cell phone keypads very well. For those using Voiceover or text-to-speech programs, the TAP Strap is extremely valuable. Most new users can usually learn the tap method in about an hour using TAP’s TapGenius App™ which is based on a mnemonic-based learning system combining musical and visual game tutorials making the learning curve fun and engaging.

The WikiTek staff also sees an emerging application for this technology in the court reporting arena where minimal keystroke use is part of the task and accuracy is crucial. The need for expensive court reporting machines could potentially be a thing of the past. The only thing the reporter need bring to the courtroom is a small briefcase with a laptop and two Tap Straps. The reporter is ready within seconds typing away on the surface of the court reporter desk. This is the sort of futuristic technology that only science fiction generally dreams up, yet available today.

Tap Strap
The Tap Strap

“Tap has the potential to become the communication mode of the future, providing fast, accurate interfacing in situations where no physical keyboard exists,” said David Schick, Tap’s inventor. “Tap is more discreet and accurate than voice input, and is faster and more precise than gesture-based systems.”

“Tap brings an entirely new dimension to how we can interface with the digital world,” said Ran Poliakine, Tap’s co-founder.  “Tap’s fundamental technology is applicable not only to language but also to music, gaming, and control.  It is a new modality that opens up a world of creative possibilities.  We are partnering with creative developers and select OEMs to help us unlock its full potential.  Our goal is to create an ecosystem in which our partners utilize Tap to deliver new and exciting experiences for our users.

Developer Opportunities

A Tap Development Kit will be available to developers to allow them to harness the capabilities of Tap into a broad range of applications including gaming, AR, and VR using the Tap platform.  By supporting an ecosystem of developers, the Tap value to consumers can ultimately extend to other languages, games, music, interactive AR/VR and perhaps to new and creative solutions for the future needs of computing. A Tap reference design will also be made available to select OEMs for integration into their existing and future product lines including wearables and other innovations.

TAP Roots

Tap Systems, Inc. was founded in 2015 by veteran entrepreneurs David Schick, Sabrina Kemeny and Ran Poliakine.  The company’s debut product, Tap, is designed to provide unparalleled freedom and access to electronic devices anywhere and at any time.  The Tap Strap is a wearable Bluetooth keyboard that allows you to send messages, texts, and emails by simple tapping on the nearest surface.  Tap is fast, accurate, easy to learn, eyes-free, and entirely mobile. Go online and reserve yours today.

The Tap Strap
The Tap Strap works on almost any surface
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EyeQue Vision Tracker uses MIT Technology for Self-Eye Testing

An award-winning Newark, California company is developing and marketing a new technology that will change the way we ‘look’ at, and learn about personal eye care testing.

The EyeQue Corporation uses patented, advanced MIT refractive technology bringing eye testing into the home and available to anyone wanting to maintain and keep track of their vision health. This self-administering vision testing device easily attaches to either iPhone or Android smartphones transforming it, along with the ‘myEyeQue™’ mobile application, into a state-of-the-art refractive testing machine. These patented algorithms are then hosted in real-time on the EyeQue Cloud™ generating a vision record of the user along with a set of Eyeglass Numbers™ in spherical, cylindrical, and axis parameters which can be used to order eyeglasses from your favorite optical outlet once approved. These are the same procedures used by your eye doctor when generating an eyeglass or contact prescription.

EyeQue device makes personal eye examination possible

Although the EyeQue™ is not intended take the place of an optometrist, it does educate and empower the user’s entire family to immediately discern vision needs before making an appointment, especially in many parts of the world where affordable eye care is a luxury and not an easy option. The EyeQue’s Miniscope™ is simple to use and is affixed to the screen of your smartphone allowing quick and easy access to affordable and accurate vision testing. The results of your test are quickly available via the myEyeQue™ mobile app. You can also view your personal statistics on EyeQue’s online dashboard to track your vision history that you may wish to later share with your vision care professional.

EyeQue Miniscope
EyeQue Miniscope device

Vision Health for Children

Vision can change multiple times over a lifespan. Know the vision changes in your children’s vision in advance with EyeQue’s advanced technology. Today’s vision demands are greater than ever before. Today we live in a world where children own their own smartphone at a younger age and computers at school are as common as a desk. Children are reading and watching more and more online content with the need for greater eye movement…especially with the insatiable existence of social media. This continual eye stress and strain can result in an increase in eye prescription fluctuation. The American Optometric Association cites that 80% of a child’s learning will be done visually. Even more shocking is that over 55% of most children under 18 will view some form of monitor or smartphone screen over two hours a day…every day. That number continues to climb each year as technology and devices find their way into our homes, schools and personal life.

 Data Storage

Your vision information is safely and securely stored in EyeQue Cloud™ for your reference and quick retrieval. View your most recent details and track your vision or your family member’s vision records over time. Your records are even securely anonymized and added to a vast store of vision records that contribute to optometry research and improved eye care for everyone.

The EyeQue Miniscope retails for $29 and backed by a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Award and a SPIE Photonic West 2017 Prism Award for excellence in the biomedical instrumentation category.

EyeQue is currently available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with many additional countries added soon.

EyeQue™ MIniscope display
EyeQue™ display
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Xevo’s Artificial Intelligence Collaborates with Lexus

XEVOXevo, a world leader in automotive interactive technology, announced this week that Lexus will be collaborating with the AI giant on a number of promising initiatives.

Xero’s latest software platform, Journeyware, coupled with the Ensure App Suite 2.o System, will be featured in Lexus’ LC 500. Xevo’s latest technology coalesces driver with automobile to render an ultra-interactive driving experience like never before.

“We are thrilled to work with Lexus to enhance its luxury vehicles with connectivity systems of equal caliber,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “Seamless connectivity is a key competitive advantage for manufacturers today – it’s what consumers expect, and Lexus drivers will be able to more easily interact with their favorite mobile apps and services.”

The Enform App Suite 2.0 system is a multifaceted informational platform that connects every aspect of the driver’s interaction with the car. Utilizing maximum app connectivity via mobile devices ensures the ultimate entertainment experience while driving. Handsfree voice recognition activation powered by Voicebox, controls Enform App technology seamlessly accessing mobile apps like Pandora, sports, WAZE, weather, Yelp, local fuel prices, stock market information, movie tickets, OpenTable and more.

“Lexus is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to in-vehicle technology,” said Sandy Lobenstein, Vice President, of Connected Strategy and Product Planning for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Executive Vice President, Business Planning and Strategy for Toyota Connected. “Xevo’s powerful Journeyware car solutions are a perfect fit for Lexus because they ensure in-car connectivity is as robust and enjoyable to use as the vehicle are to drive.”

From social media to driver awareness, Xevo’s software was designed to be equally proactive as well as interactive. Anticipating driver safety is a key focus of Xevo’s technology designed to position Lexus as one of the safest vehicles on the road today. With both inward and outward cameras, Xevo’s AI sensors can detect obstacles in the road through V2V Cloud application, predict road conditions affected by obstacles or weather and even sense parking availability/proximity. Through constant facial recognition sensing inside the car, the technology monitors driver distraction nuances mitigating against potential safety concerns, like drowsiness, texting, eyes off the road, etc. Outside facing cameras can also maintain exterior activity with wide peripheral sensing even detecting Amber Alert vehicles when in the vicinity.

With Xevo’s intuitive technology shaping the luxury driving experience, Lexus will have no problem remaining a benchmark in elite auto ownership.


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MantelMount Pulls Down to Eye-Level

Television mounts came in all shapes and sizes but not all of them are engineered like MantelMount.

It’s a never ending problem. Over the fireplace eventually seems to win out as the most logical place for your flat screen TV. The only question is, will it be too high and will it be too hot near the fireplace? Maneuvering a flat screen TV has always been limited until now. Not only does the MantelMount design move side-to-side but due to some clever patented engineering, this mechanism has the hydraulic ability to pull forward, up and down to your exacting preference. The height adjustment feature is especially user-friendly for children allowing for better eye-level viewing. The piston counter-balance design allows ease of movement for anyone.

MantelMounts for easy TV adjustments

The system is easy to mount and even comes with a paintable cover that disguises the mounting bracket behind the TV making for a more esthetic look when the mount it adjusted away from the wall. Heat detecting handles are also included to let you know if the mount is too close to heat from a fireplace at 110 degrees. The MM700 series mount comes with speaker attachments for the newer horizontal sound bars.

With the lightweight alloy construction and quality assembly, you will likely pass this product down to the next generation to come. Visit their site for size and pricing to meet your needs.

MantelMount adjustable TV mounting system