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Aervana – The Nirvana of wine aeration

Since the conception of fine wine, consumers have approached the process of aeration in a variety of ways. From decanting, open bottles (to breathe), or the simple swirl of the wrist. Aervana, a wine technology innovator, headquartered in Seattle, WA.,  has taken the art of aeration to a whole new level. Possibly the Holy Grail of all aerators on the market today.

The Conundrum

Both saint and culprit, oxygen has forever been the provider, as well as thief, of great tasting wines. Sort of a Ying and Yang aspect of what makes wine the liquid art that it is. Taming the technique of aeration has been all the buzz the last 5 years or so. Mastering it, however, is a whole different matter.

Oxygen is one of the key components to unlocking layers of notes in red wines. It promotes the bouquet while revealing vital layers within the wine’s varietal brought about by a combination of fermentation, racking and of course, aging. Without it, it is impossible to enjoy wine at its full potential. Too much and you may as well set it aside for cooking, at best. Aervana commands a perfect balance when introducing precise aeration into your favorite (or perhaps not so favorite) red wine selections. 

The average taste buds can actually sense oxygenated wine at just over 8ppm, (Ideally 6ppm) which proves just how sensitive our olfactory sensors really are. Over oxygenated wine is oxidized and therefore, rendered pretty much undrinkable. The adverse effects of allowing wine to breathe through decanting, swirling or the slow open bottle method at room temp (30+ minutes), is that you can’t undo the oxygenation process once it starts. Limiting the initial exposure to wine is crucial to wine preservation. The less you expose any amount of wine, the longer it’s going to last. Leaving it in the bottle with minimal contact to air will aid in wine salvation. Aervana limits air contact by acting as a replacement of the cork once opened and during aeration. Although the Aervana is not intended as a storage or stopper feature, it does limit wine’s exposure to open air. It doubles as an aeration and dispensing appliance with immediate results.

One other feature we discovered (although not official or backed by any scientific data. Simply an observation) is the dissipation of sulfides out of red wines through their thorough aeration process. A positive by-product of the Aervana aerator for those sensitive to sulfide additives imposed by the USDA.

Installation is quick, easy and deliberate. Never a need to wait for traditional breathing practices. Uncork your bottle, place the Aervana directly into the bottle and dispense…within seconds. Aerated wine served directly to your glass rendering even the youngest tannin wines quite palatable.

Aervana pairs nicely right next to your electric cork remover. It’s the first and only electric wine aerator on the market. Making its appearance for a second year at the 2016 International Housewares Show (IHHA), Aervana enjoys an IH+HS Innovation Award as a 2015 Finalist.

Patented in four countries and Europe, the Aervana is the brain child of master consumer product inventor, president, and wine enthusiast, Louis J. Christen, III. “It is my goal to transform and enhance the way you and your friends enjoy wine”, the inventor was quoted in explaining his love of wine and the total experience of wine enjoyment. 

An absolute must-have for any wine vineyard tasting room, wine bar or lounge where accurate and regulated amounts of wine serving are monitored and/or required by law.

Suggested retail runs about $99 from their website or The ultimate wine gift for any vino aficionado. Aervana is dedicated to making good wines even better.


***A media demo was provided and donated for use in testing this product, and writing this review***