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Holding Cell smart phone cradle for beside storage and convenience

Holding Cell’ is a practical and nifty little device for holding your phone at your bedside, makes its debut at the Inventor’s Corner sponsored by the 2016 International Home and Housewares Show (IH+HS) in Chicago.

Securely tucked between mattress and box spring, the Holding Cell smartphone cradle puts your device within arm’s reach and easy eye view. Conceptualized out of necessity, the inventor had to think of a way to assist his bed-ridden wife who was suffering from a foot injury during her pregnancy. An idea and baby born together.

Holding Cell bedside device

Sure, you could say, “…why not just put your phone on the night stand?” And you would be correct, but most bedside tables are cluttered with clock, medication, Kleenex, lamp, drinks, etc. Not to mention the cords crisscrossing the surface. At first, the Holding Cell makes you do a double-take until you notice the eye-for-detail and well-thought-out ergonomics…engineered and designed by the inventor himself.

The device is held in place by the pressure between mattress and box spring toward the head of the bed where you can see it during the night or first thing in the morning while charging. Leaves the nightstand a bit less cluttered. The cords are kept tidy, secure and sequestered near or under the bed free from tangling. The holder folds down to display the face of the phone is at best angle to see incoming calls or text. The best way to describe it is its own mini smartphone fold down table. When not in use, the holder folds up nicely and cleanly against the side of the bed.

Besides the bedroom, the Holding Cell works well converts to a wall mount holder in the garage, office, kitchen, college dorm or RV. Anywhere you need a holder near an outlet where a surface may not be available.

Credit: Eric Blair
Smart Phone Holding Device

The Holding Cell is reasonably priced at the $20 mark and can be purchased online through their website. A great gift idea not just for anyone confined to a bed for long periods but for anyone who wants their phone close by in a place where you know it’s going to be every time.  Especially in the middle of the night when an important call comes in and you blindly fumble for your phone. Your cell is securely charging next to you just inches away in the same spot every time. Takes the worry out of finding it or where you put it last when it rings the 10th time missing an important call.

Winner of the Inventor’s Corner Innovation Award in Chicago, the Holding Cell is Made in the USA and constructed of durable clear plastic and safe materials.