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OmniArmor: The ultimate in EMF and Radio Frequency microwave radiation protection.

Just like the nuclear tests of the 1950’s and the nuclear threat of the Cold War, 3G, 4G and 5G microwave radiation is impossible to see, hear, smell, touch or taste. This is an invisible threat that is global and not just an isolated or temporary occurrence. Cellular communications technology is here to stay with no end in sight. The question is how do we acclimate to this unavoidable bio-hazard while protecting ourselves.

All living organisms on Earth are currently part of the single biggest health experiment in the history of mankind. Once 5G fully rolls out, roughly 65% of our planet will be exposed to ‘pulsed microwave radiation’. This directional, as well as triangulated (in big cities) and concentrated level of electromagnetic radio frequency is potentially hazardous to humans and the environment.

OmniArmor EMF/RF Protection Filter Hologram Patches

This environmental hazard is so real that the International Association of Firefighters has officially opposed any cell towers being installed or used near fire houses where firemen live during extended shifts. If this invisible threat is substantiated and so identifiable by firefighters, then how are our families and communities any different?

Protective hologram filters are very thin programmable patches that modulate microwave signals emitted by cell towers, modems, routers, repeaters and 5G nodes. When placed over the antenna area(s) of electronic devices, like cell phones, ipads, tablets, etc., incoming EMF/RF transmissions are filtered to allow data through while rendering dangerous signals harmless.

Thermal imaging of cell use with and without OmniArmor RF Filters

OmniArmor hologram filter patches are made with several elements like carbon based shungite stone that are programmable and will hold a biological signal. Biological signaling is a scientific process of creating a link or signal to the body to improve its function. Various materials will retain a biological signal and are programmable using longitudinal waves to imprint an array of molecular structures into these materials. We also use hemp based (CBD) oils, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate – the primary energy carrier in living cells) and Polyphenols (plant based molecules) to disrupt the RF microwave threat on surface cells of the body, especially the head where cell phones are placed next to the ear.

Just as sunglasses filter out harmful, invisible UVA light rays from the sun, so does the OmniArmor RF filter patch modulate the microwave signal. Tests have also been proven to reduce red blood cell roping and loss of oxygen absorption. We have discovered that the body picks up biological signaling from cell phones, smartwatches, tablets, readers and a long list of electromagnetic devices by way of transduction.

Now, there is no need to wonder if you are being affected by these potentially invasive dangers. Mitigate against dangerous RF and EMF microwaves by owning your own device filters. They will last longer than the life of your cell phone. We even produce OmniPet protective filters for all types of animals that may be subjected to over-exposure to microwaves, especially in the home.

Protect yourself and those you love with OmniArmor RF protection filters. Go to the link below and order yours today.

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OmniArmor 5G Protective Patches